The philosophy of holistic nutrition is that one’s health is an expression of the complex interplay between the physical and chemical, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and being. As such, professionals who are trained in holistic nutrition approach health and healing from a whole-person perspective. 

Using nutritional education as a primary tool, holistic nutrition professionals emphasize the building of health by approaching each person as a unique individual. This requires fully engaging the individual in their health recovery process and honouring their innate wisdom by working in an empowering and cooperative manner to chart a course to optimal health.

Need a Holistic Health Coach?

The perfect combination of holistic, health and lifestyle coaching is one that takes into account a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and empowers them to make sustainable lifestyle changes for optimal health.
Being connected and authentic with others. Feeling supported and like you “belong.”
Feeling a sense of meaning and purpose in life.
Being alert, focused, competent, and thoughtful. Learning, remembering, and solving problems well.
Feeling vibrant, energized, and thriving. Performing and functioning well.
Experiencing a full range of emotions and expressing them appropriately.
Knowing your everyday surroundings support your health and wellbeing.

If you want the things in your life to change, you have to change the things in your life.

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