Why finding your purpose is so hard today!

“There is nothing as expensive as cheap dopamine”

More and more people are trying to understand what the purpose of life is.
More and more people are suffering from a lack of purpose.

One outlook is go to work, earn money, drink coffee, cook your food, pay bills, get in bed on time so you wont be tired the next day, rinse and repeat.
Another outlook is step out of the grind as quick as possible so you can retire early. In essence use the system to escape the system.

One perspective is a cog in the machine
The other is utilize the machine to break free as quick as possible

Is life really about going to work everyday and taking care of your mental health, working out, eating nutritious foods, trying keto and super foods until you die?
Or is it about capitilizing on the capitalistic system and getting ahead as quick as possible?

I feel both camps are missing the point… what is the point of it all? What is really the point of life?

Pornography addiction, social media addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, and worst of all suicide, are all on the rise. What’s going on?

“Those who have no purpose distract themselves with meaningless pleasure.” – Viktor Frankl

Everyone is telling you what your purpose is. Be a doctor, have a home, get married, buy bitcoin, have a boat, get money, get a 6 pack, have a garden.

Purpose can not come from outside of you. Purpose comes from within.

What has changed in the last so many years that has created such a separation within ourselves that we have no sense of purpose?


What technology has done is it has externalized our attention.

All day long we are saturated by external stimuli.
You wake up, listen to a podcast, go to the bathroom, scroll through some posts or videos, cook breakfast and listen to some informative video, workout and listen to an audio book, go for a walk and talk to a friend on the phone.

We have no time to interalize experience.

There are very few places technology has not infiltrated. The shower. This is where shower thoughts come from. Is the shower some magic combination of water and sound that produces introspective thoughts? No, its just the few times we are not inundated with technological stimulation.

We go through life looking at other people enjoying life and try to emmulate them.
We know from studies that the more time we spend on technology the less sensitive we are to our internal senses. Even short periods of time playing video games or being on social media hijack the bodies senses. It disconnects us from oursevles. We don’t know what we are feeling.

So when we are feeling bored, or upset, or lonely, we go on technolgy and suppress that feeling.
Why be sad when you can watch funny cat videos on the internet?

The more we do this the more disconnected we become from ourselves and ultimately from life as a whole.

Lets go back to the original outlooks. Those who decide to become the sigma grindset hustler, what are they actually saying? I am going to work so hard so I don’t have to do anything later in life. But what is their purpose? If you think just partying and buying things will make you happy you in for a rude awakening.

So what is the answer?

We need to stop stimulating ourselves from the outside. We need to stop suppressing our internal signals. If you want to start listening to your internal voice you need to stop drowning it out. As long as you are being bombarded by external sources its going to be very hard to find your inner wisdom.

Once you start to create some space in your day and your mind. Taking breaks from stimuli, taking breaks from technology and cheap dopamine. The layers of self that you have buried will start to surface. At first it will be very negative because of all the suppressed emotion. “What ever you resist will persist”.

This is exactly why people go on meditation retreats, live in ashrams, go to the himalayas, change religious beliefs, travel the world. If you are always with yourself why do you need to go somewhere else? Arn’t you with yourself everywhere you go? Well, not really. Yes you are here and yes you are you. But when you totally inundated with external stimuli you are unable to really know what is truly from you. If you feel the impulse to eat a burger, or play a game, or watch porn or drink beer, those are all still external stimuli. You are still being programed by the external world.

This is where boredom comes from. Boredom is an internal sensation that prompts us into action. All of those sensations are uncomfortable. Hunger is uncomfortable, thirst is uncomfortable, boredom is uncomfortable. This is how the brain and body push us into action.

The most powerful one of these forces is boredom. Boredom is not there to punish you but rather stimulate some uncomfortable sesnastions that push us to find something better.
Once you understand why boredom is arising, then you can have some control over it.

You need to stop listening and watching everyone else. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. Now you will start aligning with your own values. Something really magical starts to happen. Once you discover what you want from life. Then you start to discover your purpose.

There is no purpose of life. The purpose of life is not in life, its in you!

In order to make the most of life you have to understand what YOU want from it.

Personally this is why I utilize meditation and breathwork. They allow me to disconnect from the external and connect with the internal. This allows me to handle the difficulties of life.
Once you align your actions with your purpose you have an inner reservoir of energy that allows you to overcome. Now you have a reason to wake up early.

If you are struggling to quiten the external world or struggling with navigating the internal world, this is a large part of my coaching. Assisting people to find their way is my forte.
If you are looking to really understand your breath and how to breathe better check out my course better breathing.