Refund Policy

Refund Policy

My whole aim and mission are to bring health and wellness to people. This is why I offer a risk-free purchase, 100% money-back after the first session. After the second service, you will receive a 40% refund. After that, there is no refund available. Because of the nature of the service and the intellectual property included, please allow for some time for the services to work. If you feel a service is not working for you or not what you wanted you may cancel and receive a refund.

To cancel/return a product/service simply email us at stating your reasons for cancelling/returning the product/service. Please allow for a period of time for our team to go over all the details and reallocate the funds to you.

All matters regarding returns of ReBalance Products must be conducted with the place of purchase (, The Tidy Method authorized reseller, etc). Returning a ReBalance ‘Product’ without complying with our policy, or returning a Product absent the protections afforded by ReBalance as the retailer, or the protections conferred contractually to participants in ReBalance Authorized Reseller program will, unfortunately, deem your transaction non-refundable. ReBalance defines ‘Product’ for the purpose of this policy as the sum of the following parts:

  1. ReBalance digital or marketing materials prescribed for distribution with the physical ReBalance products, and

  2. Warranty protections held by ReBalance as the retailer or conferred by The ReBalance in a contractual agreement to authorized resellers.

Products not containing the sum of its parts (products purchased from unauthorized resellers, who by definition, operate with no warranty protections that ReBalance is contractually bound to honour for example) are defined by ReBalance policy as ‘materially different’ from ReBalance products sold to end-users (customers) by ReBalance or participants in ReBalance’s authorized reseller program and thus are not authorized for resell. Products resold by persons, parties or entities, not granted warranty protections in a mutual agreement with ReBalance under ReBalance’s Authorized Reseller Program are not authorized for reimbursement in the event of return under this policy. Warranty protections as granted by ReBalance to authorized resellers cannot be purchased or transferred, and are held exclusively by ReBalance, except as conferred through mutual agreement between ReBalance and participants in ReBalance’s Authorized Reseller Program.