Better Breathing


A breathing course designed to teach you the fundamentals of breathing and take you deeper into the specifics of how to become a better breather and therefor a more optimal, functional human being.



‘I breath all the time, why do I need to learn how to breathe?’

Because you are not breathing correctly!

97% of people have dysfunctional breathing patterns.
Breathing, like everything in life, is a pattern.

The respiratory system is the most important system in your body. All other systems depend on it. Your breath controls every function in your body. Your breath is your connection to everything. Mastery of breath translates into mastery of life.

Improving your quality of breathing will improve your quality of life. Learning to breathe properly is the most important thing anyone can do. Whether your focus is health, performance, success, spirituality, or intimacy, the breath plays a crucial role in it all.

Improper breathing patterns can lead to detrimental effects felt all throughout the system, from anxiety to scattered thoughts, to hypertension, to illnesses and ailments…

This is why learning to breathe is your ticket to a new life experience.


What you will learn:

  • The importance of the breath
  • Why the respiratory system is the most important system
  • How the breath affects your mind and your emotions
  • Test your breathing mechanics
  • Find your BOLT Score (Blood Oxygen Level Test)
  • Track your BOLT Score
  • Learn breath awareness
  • Learn correct breathing mechanics
  • Train the breath
  • Box Breathing
  • Improve your BPM (Breaths Per Minute)
  • Achieve optimal BPM
  • Create your own breath training practice and routine
  • Static Hypoxic Holds
  • Stomach Vacuum
  • Breathing Meditation


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