Holistic Movement

A unique training program just for you

Holistic Movement combines principles of yoga, mobility work, strength training, animal flow, qi gong, calisthenics, and breathwork to powerfully and functionally shift one’s experience.

Holistic Movement


You experience this world through your body

Your body is the only place you have to call home

Our bodies remember everything

We store all our fears, insecurities, pain, traumas, and emotions in our bodies

This means if your body is tense – you are tense

If your body is stressed – you are stressed

If your body is shut down, tight, repressed, depressed – so are you


The mind IS the body

They are one


When we live in the mind we live in FEAR

When we live in the body we are FEARLESS


LOVE is your connection to everything
LOVE lives in your body

Holistic Movement offers you the chance to reconnect with your body and thus reconnect with life

Meet your facilitator ~

David Giddings is a

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Nutrition Coach

Breathwork Coach

Yoga Instructor

Qi Gong Instructor

Psychology Based Archology Life Coach

Holistic Movement Facilitator

Session Format

Each session is 75-minutes

We start with a yoga flow, Qi Gong openers, stretching, and mobility work to really open up the body

Then we move into intentions and breathwork to really reconnect with that animating life force

Next, we go straight into a bodyweight/callisthenics training session to get the juices flowing

Afterwards, we move into a grounding, relaxation and gratitude flow – affirmations and appreciation

You will feel a glow, a peace, a sense of ease and gratitude as you have moved the body through all the stages of life and felt the connection we all seek – this is what it’s all about