SDO Spots Extra Energy in the Sun's Corona [detail]

The body is a powerhouse of energy – an energetic system

A very complex and incredible system of systems

When you wake up in the morning

You are given an allotment of energy for the day

How you move through your day

The thoughts you think

The actions you take

The words you speak
The food you eat

The water you drink

The way you breathe

All add or remove energy from the system

This is why energy management is so important

It’s not about time management

Because again, what good is time with no energy

Not understanding energy management is causing you to repeat the patterns and behaviors that are keeping you where you don’t want to be

Not working with the internal wisdom that moves through you is keeping you from becoming who you are truly meant to be

This is where ReBalance comes in

Learning to ReBalance the entire system

How you do one thing – is how you do everything

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