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“exercise & application, produce order to our affairs
health of body, cheerfulness of mind
makes us precious to our friends”

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One Love
Tidy Dave


A study of 110 urban and suburban children in Washington State found that children who ate primarily organic…

Your Roots

Feet, paws, trotters, hooves, term them what you will they are your roots. Your feet are sensory organs,…

Cold Showers

Benefits, how it works & how to get started. Have you ever felt like you needed an iv-drip…


What is meditation? Why do we meditate? Many people feel confused when it comes to meditation. Images of…

Sleep 😴

To sleep, perchance to dream, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come… To a foreign…

Working out @home

The corona epidemic has forced us to confine our movements to the indoors. With the montage of YouTube…