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Holistic Lifestyle Coach – David Giddings

David Giddings is A certified

Holistic Lifestyle / Nutrition / breathwork and life coach

David Giddings is a certified, C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, Psychology-based Achology Life Coach, and all-around healthy lifestyle enthusiast.

Studying under many great names such as Paul Chek, Elliot Hulse, Ben Greenfield, Paul Saladino MD, Patrick McKweon, and many other health professionals.

Employing a wide range of skills and pulling from a deep pool of knowledge he is dedicated to improving the lives of others by coaching and sharing his journey.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

This encompasses all aspects of your daily living. Every choice you make on a day-to-day basis is your lifestyle. This includes everything from dietary choices, sleeping routines, environmental stress, relationships to belief systems.

We are the sum total of our parts.

A holistic lifestyle coach will guide you on creating a healthier more integrated and whole lifestyle. Start learning what you need and when you need it. How to tailor your lifestyle to best suit your individual needs.

Now more than ever we need to be living healthier, more balanced lives. Unlock your potential by learning how to master your lifestyle.

Life Coaching

To be human means to wrestle with reality. Whether it’s heartbreak, feelings of insecurity, loneliness, job dissatisfaction, loss of loved one, feelings of doubt, lack of confidence, no direction, you name it, we all go through it.

There is no manual for life. There are, however, life coaches. A life coach can walk with you through some of life’s struggles. Helping you find it within yourself to push forward, to pull from your own reservoir of resilience. You are always stronger than you think.

Learn to unlock your full potential, recognize the strength that lies within, overcome some of life’s greatest challenges, and evolve in the process.


My journey started (as did all of ours 🙂) when I was a baby and was administered penicillin, it almost killed me. The first moments of my existence were a near-death experience thanks to medical drugs. Most of my adolescence was spent at the doctor’s office or visits to the hospital. My collection of pills I had acquired over the years would make any drug dealer jealous. Deep down I always felt that it wasn’t the right way to go about healing but as a kid, what do you know? Eating foods I was intolerant to, frequent visits to doctors, and constant medication meant I was quite a sick child. I could never concentrate in school, I was never fit, I had terrible acne, always embarrassed to take my shirt off, I grew to be ashamed of my body and become identified with someone who was ill.

This series of events gave rise to unhealthy addictions, such as 8-10 hours a day of video games, mixed in with daily internet porn viewing, a love for food that would rival any powerlifter, and later on, a terrible drug addiction that affected every aspect of my life. Needless to say, this wonderful cocktail of synthetic stimulus and food indulgence left me with zero confidence and a body of shame. My life was a mess.

As I was approaching my 20th birthday I took a long look at myself, I was overweight, weak, no fitness to speak of, pale, pasty, and quick to get sick. I didn’t like what I saw and I knew I had to change something, I needed to start keeping it tidy.

I spent the next 9 years reading, watching, talking to experts, trying and experimenting with all different diets, eating styles, movements, and exercises. I was determined to find ‘the way’. In my mind there had to be one modality of eating and moving that was perfect. This took me through many journeys, some beautiful, some ugly but all vital to my growth and understanding. I look back and smile, seeing how necessary it all was.

One thing was persistent throughout my trial and error phase, I loved health, I loved feeling good, I loved making other people feel good, I loved assisting others on their health journey.

There have been many incredible human lighthouses that have guided me through the dark chaotic waters that are health, without them I would still be lost cycling article after article on the internet, feeling lost and hopeless.

My aim is to be that lighthouse for you.

And remember to keep it tidy

One love

Tidy Dave