3 Quick Tips For Weight Loss. Strike – Stroll – Shiver

Step 1: Strike

Basically all that’s involved in this step is waking up and not eating anything. You can have a cup or two of coffee or green tea, they’re actually encouraged because both can help to mobilize fatty acids and spark your metabolic rate. But it has to be plain-jane coffee or tea; no sugar, no cream, no MCT oil, no funky butters, you get the idea.

In addition, a couple of capsules of a blood sugar stabilizer such as berberine or bitter melon extract, a shot of apple cider vinegar, or a teaspoon or two of Ceylon cinnamon or cayenne extract in your morning beverage can enhance the fat-burning effects of this strategy even more.

Just remember no calories. If you’re concerned about losing muscle, or you’re attempting to gain significant lean muscle mass, 10-20 grams of essential amino acids can also be consumed in this window, which will provide a bit of an anabolic effect without significantly spiking blood glucose or insulin.

Step 2: Stroll

Now, while still having nothing in your system other than coffee or tea, do a 10-40 minute fasted aerobic session. Doing this in a fasted state is going to allow your body to tap into its own fat as fuel. This means that you will preferably not have eaten anything for at least 12 hours, and ideally up to 16 hours.

Choose a simple form of movement you can perform 365 days a year, 24/7 – a walk in the sunshine (bonus: morning Vitamin D and circadian rhythm alignment!), an easy yoga session, taking the dog for a stroll, riding your bike, an easy swim or even a sweat in a dry or infrared sauna. Choose anything that’s light, easy, aerobic, conversational, and low-stress.

Don’t worry, this won’t cause a big release of cortisol, and it’s not going to completely exhaust you for the day. You’ll still be able to perform a harder fitness-building workout later in the day, and it’s not going to make you feel famished and want to devour every breakfast item in sight afterward.

Step 3: Shiver

Complete the session and dive straight into 2-5 minutes of anything cold. I’ve talked about cold thermogenesis on my blog and this website before, and any of those tactics count, including a hot-cold contrast shower, a cold jump in a river or lake, or a cold bath.

This step will not only help to burn white adipose tissue off your belly but also convert it into metabolically active brown adipose tissue, which will increase your fat-burning capacity.

Also: A high-fat diet doesn’t make you fat. A high-fat diet may actually increase the amount of fat you burn as fuel at both rest and during exercise, allowing you to exercise or function for longer periods while eating relatively few calories.

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