Your Roots

Feet, paws, trotters, hooves, term them what you will they are your roots.

Your feet are sensory organs, there are over 7000 nerves in each foot, that’s over 14 000 nerves together! Each nerve is receiving and sending important information to every other part of the body. The body is a cybernetic system, which means it is a complex system of systems. Every part is in constant communication with every other part.

Can you imagine if you wore gloves most of the day? How weird would that be! Have you tried using your phone with gloves on? You can’t, you have so little sensory feedback. Well, that is basically how we are treating our feet. When you wear shoes all the time that is essentially what you are doing. You are blocking your feet’ ability to send and receive important information. We have become so acclimatized to wearing shoes that we consider our feet to be ugly or freak out when we see them. How desensitized have we become as a culture; from our very own nature, the nature that moves through you, the nature that moves through all life.

Where have you planted your roots?

In the wisdom of mother nature or in the tiny synthetic houses you call shoes (or boots depending if your a cowboy/cowgirl)? The number of problems we have started to develop because of this strange aversion to feet and addiction to shoes is innumerable. From bunions to feet dysfunction, to malformation, to muscular degeneration. Your feet are your base of support. What would happen if you built a house on a foundation of sand? It’s a good analogy to what happens with foot dysfunction. You may experience back pain, ankle pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, all due to dysfunction in the feet. So much of this can be rectified simply by kicking off your kicks (shoes).

Although a common social faux pas, barefoot walking is such a simple yet powerful fix for all your feet’ problems. There are so many physical and physiological benefits that come from walking barefoot. I am sure many of you are familiar with the term, “earthing”. Earthing is the act of putting the body in direct contact with the earth. The contact is direct, which means that the skin (most often, of the foot) touches the earth’s soil or water. Indigenous cultures have practiced earthing for millennia, so it’s not a new practice, but it’s gaining popularity in recent years as more and more people start to realize how much we’ve lost daily contact with our natural surroundings.

Earthing Science: How Does Earthing Work?

1. Your body runs through a type of electrical current. As the Journal of Environmental and Public Health states:

It is an established, though not widely appreciated fact, that the Earth’s surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. The Earth’s negative charges can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems which may be important for setting the biological clock, regulating circadian rhythms and balancing cortisol levels.

2. Your body is naturally able to absorb electrical charges from the earth since your skin acts like a “conductor.” Your feet, specifically certain points in the balls of your feet, are believed to be especially good at receiving the earth’s electricity.

But because of our modern way of living — for example, always wearing shoes and living most of our lives above ground in our homes or offices that are located several floors up in tall buildings — we’re losing touch with the earth’s natural “electrical” force.

3. “The human body is electrical first and chemical second,” according to earthing expert Clint Ober. The brain, heartbeat, and neurotransmitter activity, for example, all rely on electrical signals, so when our electricity is off, so can be certain aspects of our health.

The idea is that by being in touch with the planet, the electrical force coming off the earth is able to help lower inflammation and fight free radicals. In fact, the term “earthing” has even earned a patent as a natural method for reducing disease-causing inflammation.

Top 5 Benefits of Earthing

  1. Reduces Inflammation
  2. Helps Reduce Stress Hormones
  3. Can Help You Sleep Better
  4. Can Help Increase Energy
  5. Can Help Deduce Overall Pain

When you realize your feet are your roots, your connection to mother earth, you will begin to develop a new appreciation for them. Each time you walk barefoot on the earth your connection deepens and your appreciation grows. It’s something that has to be felt. The next time you are outside, give it a try. Take off your shoes, set your feet free. You may notice in the beginning they are soft and unuse to the natural rough surfaces. Give them time, they will adapt. That is what has allowed humans to survive for so long, our ability to adapt. Your ancestors lived and survived for hundreds of thousands of years without shoes, you will survive 🙂

“Like a tree whose roots were never in one soil – moved from place to place, easily blown by the winds of change; so too are you without a real connection to something beyond yourself – you will be but a seed afloat the winds of time”. – Tidy Dave

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