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The corona epidemic has forced us to confine our movements to the indoors. With the montage of YouTube and Instagram personalities littering our feeds like plastic in the ocean. All touting their own brand of furniture based workouts and get jacked at home bro style approach. They all neglect to mention the mental challenge that comes with working out at home.

If you are like anybody else you find it extremely difficult to motivate yourself to train at home. With distractions all around you, limited space and (for most of us) zero equipment. It’s easy to feel a little enthused to home-style training. Having been used to the mental prep that comes with actually
getting up and going to a gym, with all their sweat encompassed equipment and heavyweights, we now have to start bringing that same mindset to the indoors.

At first it can seem like too much hard work and easily cause you to fail before you start. But self instilled discipline and the ability to adapt to our environment are cornerstones to a successful and (more importantly) enjoyable life. Humans by nature are adapters and survivors. With stocks in the fridge and nowhere to go, your real challenge begins.

Here a few suggestions that may be of aid:

Have a fixed time

We are creatures of habit and routine. Getting up and going to work or the gym every day may at times feel tedious or mundane but it is this very act that we commit to, that keeps us sane. I am sure a lot of you have felt the chaos and disorder that arises without a set routine.

Choose a time (whatever time you like) where you will focus solely on working out. Having a fixed time every day for working out will help create a sense of routine and maintain momentum.

Change your environment

Similarly, we are creatures of the environment. If you haven’t already noticed we behave differently in different environments. Think of a church or an airport or a restaurant. We all fall into the social norms that our environments dictate to us. The environment has a deep and profound effect on our psychology and physiology. Having so much time at home you will undoubtedly have felt the effects of this. Perhaps your bed has turned into your kitchen and/or movie theatre, perhaps your living room has turned into your bedroom.
We can use this to our advantage though. Pick a room that you don’t normally frequent, the less familiarity, the fewer distractions. Even better, go outside. The fresh air and natural light are where we were meant to be training anyway.

See everything as a challenge

For some of us, it may be easy getting into the mindset of going to the gym and lifting heavy shit. That mental challenge we face of building ourselves up to push our bodies comes naturally to us. But it wasn’t that way in the beginning. We had to overcome the initial resistance we felt and build up our mental fortitude to accomplish this. Now we just need to apply that same approach to working out at home. See the difficulties, the challenge, the lack of equipment, the new environment with the same perspective, its a mental challenge. Each time you feel that doubt or lack of enthusiasm creep in remind yourself that this is the real challenge.

Something is better than nothing

At the end of the day, the conditions may not be perfect, you may not be able to hit your PR’s or build your body the exact way you want to. But succumbing to the victim mentality or just binging more Netflix is not going to make you feel any better. Instead, just move, it doesn’t matter how or what it looks like, just move! The human body was made to move, in many incredible ways. Perhaps our linear thinking and movement have needed this to shack things up. Your body possesses deep, innate knowledge, it knows how it wants to move, what it wants to stretch and what it wants to strengthen. Use this time to move differently, to create new movement patterns, not only in your body but also in your mind.

Start having a conversation with your body.

Use this opportunity to discover new movements in all aspects of your life.

Be fit, live free.

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